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Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt Files for Reelection
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt Files for Reelection

For immediate release: For more information, contact:
9 April, 2014 Sarah Lenti (202) 557-5461
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt
Files for Reelection

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt filed for re-election today at the Oklahoma Capitol, promising to continue his fight against federal overreach and to protect the rights and interests of Oklahomans.

“Oklahomans are concerned with what they see in Washington and the direction our country is headed. The president and his administration are undermining the rule of law through their actions to expand federal authority, and the …

Posted on April 09, 2014


Recently, I had the honor of representing you and the State of Oklahoma at the nation’s premier gathering of conservative leaders: CPAC. Though the current administration is leading our country in the wrong direction, it was inspiring to be a part of the discussion about the conservative ideas that will lead our country back to prosperity.

At CPAC, health care was an important and frequently discussed topic. It’s no surprise then, that I was invited to discuss Oklahoma’s lawsuit over the federal health care law which …

Posted on March 18, 2014
Religious liberty must be protected
Religious liberty must be protected

When Congress first debated religious liberty in the late 1700s, representatives expressed concern that the wording of the First Amendment could lead to the abolishment of religion altogether. James Madison, the principal author of the Bill of Rights, assured them that the First Amendment simply meant Congress should not “establish a religion” or in effect endorse a particular denomination at the expense of others, or “enforce the legal observation of it by law.” He assured them that it represented freedom to believe and freely exercise …

Posted on February 18, 2014
My Decision on 2014
My Decision on 2014

I continue to offer my earnest prayers for Dr. Coburn and his family. It is my hope they experience the nearness of friends and continue to draw strength from their faith during this time of transition. As I have pondered whether to seek the Republican nomination to replace Dr. Coburn in the U.S. Senate, the pressure has been to take advantage of the “political opportunity” that is before me. There are many challenges that we face as a nation, and with the right kind of …

Posted on January 19, 2014
ObamaCare’s Next Legal Challenge
ObamaCare’s Next Legal Challenge

The law says subsidies can only go through state-run exchanges.

As millions of Americans see their health-insurance premiums increase, have their coverage dropped as a result of the Affordable Care Act, and are unable to use the federal exchange, Oklahoma has sued the Obama administration. The Sooner State and several others are trying to stop the government from imposing tax penalties on certain states, businesses and individuals in defiance of the law. If these legal challenges are successful, the deficit spending associated with the new health-care …

Posted on December 02, 2013
Hydraulic Fracturing: OK’s Economy & National Energy Independence
Hydraulic Fracturing: OK’s Economy & National Energy Independence

Oklahoma has been a pioneer in the world of hydraulic fracturing. And, we Oklahomans — are proud of it. Not only does the improved production of natural gas lead to direct and indirect economic benefits for our state, but it is also a key component of securing our nation’s energy independence.

In practice as far back as 1947, hydraulic fracturing has a long history of success. New innovations in the last decade have greatly expanded its use and allowed us to tap …

Posted on July 03, 2013